There’s an old saying that goes like this “An an ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure.” This is the case for meetings, particularly when it is planning and preparing. The more time you put in making sure that your meeting is well-organized, the more effective it will be.

It could be a brainstorming session, an update on a project or even a conference call There are certain actions that each participant in a meeting should take in order to prepare for the gathering. This article will give simple tips that can help you ensure that the meeting you’re taking part in is efficient and productive.

Begin by determining the goal of the meeting. Then, identify the necessary topics and allocate time slots to each. This will keep you on the right track and prevent you from going off-topic. This will also help determine the length of your meeting.

Then, gather any material that you intend to share during the meeting. This could include slides from a presentation reports, presentations, or any other documents that will contribute to the discussion. Be sure these are easily accessible for participants — either by attaching them to the invitation or putting them on your internal communication channel.

Review the list of participants and determine if each person who is invited be able to participate in the discussion. If not, eliminate anyone with the same knowledge or authority to make decisions. Consider naming a person directly responsible for each action item.