A business process is an organized sequence of actions performed by machines or humans in a certain order to achieve a goal. Effective and efficient processes allow businesses to organize their work, keep operations running in order to achieve their goals and provide value for employees and customers.

Management and contracting processes encompass conception, planning, design preconstruction, procurement, construction as well as commissioning and decommissioning. Each of these steps involves multiple parties as well as contracts and agreements, deliverables, milestones, responsibility and risks. They are often complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive. The effectiveness and efficiency of the process determines the success of a specific project. The quality of these successful automation of the document management processes directly impacts employee morale and customer happiness.

Corcentric is often requested to modify construction companies’ processes to enhance their performance. This is accomplished by conducting an in-depth examination of the client’s current processes and then preparing a proposal that outlines the ways to improve those processes with specific goals (e.g. decreasing cycle times, enhancing quality) and then implementing the new process and then taking note of its effectiveness and monitoring its ability to produce desired outcomes and outcomes.

Bottlenecks can be caused by business processes that aren’t optimized. A lack of clearly defined and efficient workflows can result in frustration at work. Poorly developed processes, for instance it is possible for employees to spend valuable time searching for and completing tasks that could be automated.